2016 Talks & Sermons

We will be posting the audio for all of the papers and times of worship on this page over the next few days and weeks. Check back for further posts.

Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on Matthew 6  –  The Lord’s Prayer & the Glory of God

Revd Iain H Murray
“Jonathan Edwards & Preparation for Revival

Revd Dr Gerald McDermott
“Can Reason Tell Us Anything About God? Edwards Against Modern Protestant Theology”

Revd Dr William Schweitzer
“A True Sense of the Glory of God: Jonathan Edwards & the Beatific Vision”

Revd Roy Mellor
“The Glory of God in the Transformation of Sinners”

We apologise that the opening portion of Revd Mellor’s talk has not been captured by our recording. We are working to resolve this and may be able to update this file with recovered material at a later date.

Revd Andrew Kerr
Sermon on: The Glory of God in Isaiah 6:1-8  –  Motivation for Ministry

Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on 2 Thessalonians: 2  –  The Glory of God in the Day of The Lord 

Dr Douglas Sweeney
“God Glorified through the Forward March of Time: Jonathan Edwards & the History of Redemption”

Revd Dr Guy Waters
“Jonathan Edwards, The Gospel of John, & the Glory of God”

Revd Dr Michael Bräutigam
“Jonathan Edwards on the Transformative Power of Contemplating the Beauty of Jesus Christ”

Panel Discussion